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Sage Expeditions


Sage Expeditions strives to be a positive cultural force at Sage International School.  The mission of Sage Expeditions is to provide equitable opportunity to learn and recreate in diverse outdoor spaces through a variety of activities in order to inspire future outdoor stewards and life-long learners. We want to take students out of their comfort zones, to try something new (or master new skills), and to give them challenges they otherwise would not experience in the school atmosphere.  At the same time, we will push students to transfer their outdoor experiences back to their lives at home and in school, by reinforcing IB curriculum on every trip.  We will also teach natural and social histories of the places we travel and adventure, as well as teach and maintain a “Leave No Trace” ethic.


Sage Expeditions offers a great variety of outdoor learning opportunities. We offer “Action Friday” trips: day trips on our Fridays without school, weekend backcountry and front-country camping, and longer camping/backpacking trips over school breaks. Activities range from hiking, biking, camping, backpacking, skiing/snowboarding, snowshoeing, nordic skiing, fly fishing and more!


For every outing, enrollment will be based on a randomized lottery process, and not the first to register.  Hopefully, this allows all students to access the expeditions in a more equitable manner.  If a student is wait-listed for a trip, they will be given priority on the next trip they register for.  There will be a cutoff time to enter your student’s name for each trip.


Scholarships may be available for some trips. Please contact your outdoor expeditions coordinator for more details.

2024-2025 Expeditions Schedule

Keep checking back! Our expeditions schedule will continue to grow as more opportunities fall in place!


7/15-7/19 Storytelling and Camping in the Wood River Valley

7/26-7/27- Wilderness First Aid course


8/22-8/23 Senior Campout- look for emails from HS director for information!


9/16-9/19 Middle School Adventure Week- look for emails from MS director for information!

9/10-9/22 Fall Break Rock Climbing Camp @ City of Rocks- Registration opens 9/3


10/11-10/12 Camping at Bruneau Sand Dunes- Registration opens 9/9

10/25 Silver City Spooky Scavenger Hunt- Registration opens 9/20



Expeditions Break~ See  you in the new year!

January 2025

Winter Expeditions are in the planning stages! Keep looking back for updates 🙂











Please contact the program coordinator: Megan Furois at for information on the expeditions program and upcoming events.