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K-12 Counselors

K-7th Grade
Taylor Steele

8th-12th Grade
Brittany Meduna

As mental health professionals, we provide students the opportunity to participate in brief individual check-in counseling sessions and group counseling. We also provide emergent responsive services for students who are struggling with their mental health or in a mental health crisis. As education professionals, we participate in the intervention process and collaborate with teachers, support staff, directors, and parents in order to help students succeed to their fullest potential. Additionally, school counselors at Sage are the 504 coordinators for their respective grade levels, provide classroom social-emotional learning lessons, ensure students are fulfilling Idaho requirements for graduation, and provide college and career guidance. You can frequently find us on the playground or in the lunchroom, supporting administration, and working 1:1 with students on campus.

This is just a glimpse into the services that a school counselor provides daily. The role of a school counselor varies school by school and by grade level. If you have any questions for your school counselors or if your child is struggling with anything, please reach out! We would love to collaborate with you in order to help your child succeed and achieve their fullest potential at Sage!

Counselor Resources:

Bullying & Harassment
Community Resources
High School Schedule Change Request
NCAA Registration Process