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Enrichment at Sage

Students participating in Sage International’s Enrichment programs have an opportunity to enhance and extend their education. Our Enrichment programs are led by two guiding principles: discovering curriculum that help students find their individual success, and providing enriching opportunities that benefit students beyond the regular school day.

Enrichment programs include clubs, athletics, extended day activities after school through ESage, multi-day trips trips through Sage Expeditions, and more. We support classroom learning by collaborating with Sage’s teachers in order to provide specific student-tailored activities that build on the IB education we offer during the school day. In addition, Sage works with local businesses to provide students with experiences in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM), community service, the arts and outdoor educational programs.

ESage is our program here on campus that provides care for students in grades K-5 after school, on Fridays, and during school breaks including the summer.

Please use the links to learn about – and participate in – the many enrichment opportunities we offer our students.

Clubs & Activities
Sage Expeditions
ESage (M-Th, Friday & School Breaks)
ESage Calendar
Community Opportunities