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NCAA Registration Process

It is recommended that the student-athlete registers in his/her junior year, beginning in the month of May. To register, the student-athlete needs to apply online through the NCAA Eligibility Center.

After the student registration is complete, you must request your high school transcripts be sent to the NCAA Eligibility Center. One will be sent as a final junior year transcript and one will be sent as a final senior year transcript.*
*Please Note: If the student has attended more than one high school, each high school must receive a copy of the completed Student Release form, and a transcript must be sent from each high school attended.

Test scores must be reported directly from either ACT or SAT. They will no longer be accepted from the high school transcript.

  • When registering to take the SAT’s or ACT’s you should include the NCAA as one of your free choices as to where to send your scores.
  • The code for the NCAA is 9999.
  • If you did not do this, you may do so online via the following resources:

Upon completion of the junior year, the final junior year transcript will be sent to the Eligibility Center once the family or student has submitted an official transcript request to our registrar. The student will receive an initial clearing statement from the Eligibility Center in the fall of the student’s senior year.

All prospective student-athletes intending to enroll in a NCAA Division I or II institution for the first time must complete the NCAA Amateurism Certification questionnaire.

Before the end of the senior year, you must request the Final Amateurism Certification for each sport that you will participate in. The steps to do so are as follows:

  1. Log back into your NCAA Eligibility Center Account.
  2. Click on “MY PLANNER.”
  3. Select the red “Request Final Amateurism” button and follow the instructions.

After graduation, the student’s final senior transcript with the exact date of graduation must be sent to the NCAA Eligibility Center from Sage. Official transcripts must be requested from our registar. The student will then receive a final clearing statement from the NCAA Eligibility Center.

Please note that throughout this process, the high school CEEB code will be required.

Sage International School of Boise CODE is 130091

NCAA Clearinghouse Customer Services:

NCAA Eligibility Center
Certification Processing
P.O. Box 7136
Indianapolis, IN 46207

Service Hours: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Central Time
Toll-Free: 877-262-1492
FAX: 317-968-1500

To request a transcript from Sage, please fill out the Sage Transcript Request Form

If you have any questions or need assistance, please email Mrs. Woodruff.


Requirements for NCAA athletes are ever changing. Any student who plans to play sports in college should visit the NCAA Eligibility Center to sign up and begin the required academic verification process. Visit  to get started. It is recommended that NCAA eligibility registration is initiated by the summer prior to senior year.  Please talk to your coach or counselor, Mrs. Woodruff, if you have further questions. – Find out where you stand with your academic NCAA Eligibility (core course GPA calculator)

Helpful links to guide you through the prospective student-athlete process:

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