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Mountain Bike Team (Middle and High School)

Sage International School Mountain Bike Team

Mountain Bike Club vs Team
Sage is unique in that we have a Mountain Bike Club and a Mountain Bike Team. The Club is a great way to try out the sport in a fun group environment, with low- to moderate-intensity rides once a week from April through the end of the school year. These rides are chaperoned by adults, but we encourage High School MTB Team members to take the lead and mentor newer riders. Students may join the club with a signed waiver. There are no fees for MTB Club.

Mountain Bike Team
The Mountain Bike Team is a competitive team that practices 3 days a week in season (July 1 through mid-October) and participates in 5 interscholastic races throughout Idaho in the fall. The practices are longer, higher intensity, with coaching to build fitness, skill, and confidence on the bike. We welcome riders new to the sport of mountain biking. However, every participant must first know how to competently ride a bicycle. Our trained coaches will teach the fundamental skills necessary for trail riding and racing.

Our team is powered by more than 20 licensed volunteer coaches who have gone through many hours of mandatory training. Licensing requirements include background checks, risk management training, mountain-bike skills instruction training, concussion training, abuse prevention training, and continuing education units. Level 2 and Level 3 coaches are required to have current Wilderness First Aid (WFA) and CPR certification.

How to Join the Team
To join the team, you must sign up via NICA Pit Zone and pay league registration fees BEFORE participating in any pre-season activity or rides. This activates NICA insurance coverage. Student-athletes must be fully registered to participate in ANY team activities. To receive the invitation link to join Pit Zone, email Team Director Jason Tucker ( or Head Coach Kim Cross (

League and Team Fees
These fees are required for participation in any team events, even if your student-athlete chooses not to race.

  •  Idaho Interscholastic Cycling League (IICL) fee: $160 (paid through Pit Zone)
  •  National Interscholastic Cycling League (NICA) fee: $40 (paid through Pit Zone)
  •  Sage International School team fee: $50 (via check to Sage MTB Team)


Race Fees

  • Season pass: $150 (high school) or $125 (middle school) for five races. We highly encourage this option. If you plan to do three or more races, it’s more economical. Simply register for all five races in Pit Zone and the discount will be applied.
  • If you plan to do one or two races, the per-race fee is $50 (high school) and $45 (middle school). The registration fees must be paid via Pit Zone two weeks before the first race. There is no on-site race registration.
  • Team jerseys/uniforms: From $65.


Financial Aid
We offer team scholarships that can be used to help offset the team fees based on financial need. There are also scholarships you can apply for through NICA to offset Idaho league and race fees (again, based on financial need).

Pre-Season (late May – June)
Before the season begins, we host a limited number of “pre-season activities.” Less intense than in-season practice, these events are intended to develop skill and camaraderie. They may include fun rides, coach training sessions, bike safety checks, fix-a-flat seminars, bike-handling skill clinics, parent/athlete meetings, and potluck dinners. Most of these events are mandatory.

Mountain Bike Season (July 1 – mid-October)
In season, we practice 3 days a week: Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Weekday practices are typically 5:30-7:30 p.m. and Saturday practices typically 9:00 a.m. – 12 p.m. (On very hot days, we adjust the times.) We understand you may also have vacations, summer camps and other activities. If you’re not out of town, sick, or engaged in a local multi-day activity, attendance is expected at practices and team events through the summer and fall (including Saturday practices). One simple reason for this is that we can’t prepare you properly from a fitness and skills perspective if you frequently miss practice.

2022 Race Schedule:

  • August 20: Brundage (McCall)
  •  August 27: Magic Mountain (south of Twin Falls)
  •  September 10: Grand Targhee (Alta, Wyoming)
  •  September 24: Jug Mountain Ranch (McCall)
  •  October 9: State Championships at Bogus Basin (Boise)


Parents need to transport their student-athlete(s) to all of the races or make arrangements with other parents on the team to carpool and act as a responsible party for your child. Student-athletes are expected to arrive at the races by Friday mid-afternoon to pre-ride the course. The races take place all day on Saturday. It’s not mandatory, but team families generally camp together at the out-of-town races.

Parent Volunteer Duties
A successful practice and race season requires…teamwork! On race weekends, each team must fill a specified number of volunteer positions. Parents are expected to volunteer with the Idaho League for at least 2 of the races (unless they have team coaching duties). We also need help with team activities such as party planning, race weekend meal and snack planning, photography, social media, team/parent communications, camp-organizing, and other things. If  you tell us your strengths, we’ll find the right role for you.

Ride on!
Sage Mountain Bike Team
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