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Sage International contracts with Caldwell Transportation for optional bus service with the common priority of the safety of our students while they are traveling to and from school. Our routes cover our attendance area and we provide strategically located group stops.

If you have questions or problems with a driver or any other bus-specific issues, please contact Caldwell Transportation directly at 208-459-0195. Sage and Caldwell Transportation work together to create bus routes, but please contact Sage if you would like a stop closer to you. We keep a running list of who requests a stop, and can add a new one once we get 5 riders from the same area.

Passenger Bus Rules
Bus Schedule - Updated 8/17/23
Bus Registration
Drop Off / Pick Up Directions

Your student MUST be registered for the bus through the form to the left in order to ride the bus. Even if there’s just a possibility that they may ride at some point, please fill out the form so we have a record of their potential travel plans. You are responsible for determining the best route and stop for your student to take. Please see the Bus Schedule to determine the best stop for your student. Sage International offers “Community Busing” which requires a minimum of 5 riders per stop. If they would like to request a stop near them, they need to contact us and we will keep a list of parents.

To ride the bus you MUST submit a registration form for each of your students that will ride the bus, EVERY new school year. Please register separately for EACH route your student may take, for example, if riding to different family members’ homes. Even if it’s just a possibility that your student MAY ride at some point, please complete it! Your student will not be allowed to ride the bus until this is completed at the beginning of each school year.

  • If your elementary student is of an age and maturity to be trusted being dropped off without supervision at the stop, please print and complete this Bus Release Form. Return the form to the front desk and we will share with Caldwell Transportation that you give your permission.
  • The safety of our students is our top priority, riding the bus is a privilege, and all rules as indicated by the driver MUST be followed. There will be school consequences for behavior issues occurring on the bus, and consequences will be a direct result of the severity of the infraction.
  • If your student is riding home with a friend, we require ALL students not registered on that route to bring a handwritten note to present to the driver. Only ONE friend can ride, as the space is already tight and we need to accommodate those that are regular riders.

If you have questions about transportation registration, please email

If you have questions or concerns about any particular Bus routes, stops, drivers, or anything related to that specific bus please reach out directly to Caldwell Transportation at 208-459-0195 or Gina Dennis at