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Students are expected to be in class, seated and ready to learn at the start of each school day (middle School/high school 8:20am, elementary 8:30am). Any student not in their classroom when class begins will be considered tardy. Please ensure students are dropped-off early enough to allow them to get to their classroom on time.


Forge International School considers students entering the classroom after the posted start time to be tardy. If the student arrives after school has started, the parent must enter the building with their student and sign their student in at the front desk. The tardy will be noted in Forge International’s attendance records.


It is imperative that you contact the school to let us know if your student will be absent. Please email or call our main office at 208-244-0577.

Please provide the following information:

  • the student’s first and last name and grade
  • name of parent/guardian reporting the absence
  • estimated date of return
  • reason for the absence
    • If doctor’s appointment, please provide note from doctor’s office to verify absence. Notes may also be faxed to the main office.

Supportable absences require prior notification from a parent/guardian. Supportable illness absences must be verified within 48 hours by an official Doctor’s note. The student will be expected to complete the assigned work within a time period agreeable to the teacher(s) of the missed class(es). Please refer below for further information on supportable absences.

Unsupportable absences are any other absence that does not fall within the supportable absence requirements. While we ask for you to provide a note for a student’s absence, this does not qualify as documentation that would make an absence supportable.

Please see our handbook for more details about attendance.

Parent/Student Handbook