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We understand the work that goes into choosing the best school for your child, and appreciate that you are considering Sage International for your student!

As Idaho Public Charter Schools, Sage International Schools use a lottery process for admission. Each spring we hold an enrollment lottery for seats we anticipate being available for the following fall, but enroll new students at our schools throughout the year as plans change for families and seats become available.

While we would like to provide the opportunity for all students to enroll, The number of openings for any given school year varies by grade, as returning students are given priority. If the number of students entered in the lottery exceeds the number of seats available, those who are not offered a seat immediately are placed on a waitlist in the order that their name was drawn. This waitlist is in place until the following March, and offers are made as seats become available. You can learn more about Idaho’s lottery process here.

Please click which campus you would like to learn more about enrolling at:

Like all Idaho charter schools, Sage International and Forge International both conduct annual enrollment lotteries, Per Idaho’s Charter School law – Idaho Code 33-5206. Through this random selection process, students participating in the annual lottery are offered enrollment for the upcoming school year or, when demand for enrollment exceeds the number of available spaces, students are placed on a waitlist. Both schools hold their Enrollment Lottery in March for the following school year.

Thank you for your interest in the Sage International Network of Schools!